Aceto di vino bianco, flavored with currants and dill

White wine vinegar with currants and dill, composed for use with white fish or sea bass, very tasty to green salads, on cucumber salad or to taste of creamy, saliency fresh, fruity acidity, fine-spicy, with a strong olive oil very much its own dressing,

250 ml

In the 19th century the family Ursini was known in Abruzzo for their knowledge and experience in dealing with olive trees and was often asked for advice when it came to their cultivation and care.
Giuseppe Ursini is a respected member of the "Mastri Oleari" the Master of the olive oil, an association of Italian olive oil producers who are committed to the dissemination and distribution of high-quality olive oils in the world.
He skillfully combines in his work best family traditions with modern production technology, not least since 2005, thanks to its new and very modern oil mill.
the most important aspect for the production best olive oil looks Ursini in the careful cultivation of olive trees, because only the best harvest olive oil can be obtained in the highest quality. The approximately 7,000 own olive trees stand on the Adriatic Coast, whose microclimate offers very good conditions for the growth of the olive.
Your excellent quality owe the products not least the fact that the care of trees, harvesting the olives and their processing are in the hand of the master.
the world of Ursini is the Mediterranean with its products. Thanks to its innovative ideas, he stands out from many producers in the region and has created a separate and recognizable gastronomic style. Working closely with one of the best chefs of Abruzzo, Ermanno Di Paolo, Ursini has made a culinary expedition and packed his innovative delicacies in an exclusive and elegant design.
Fossacesia, Abruzzen Italien
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Wine Vinegar

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