100% Criollo Cocoa Chocolate

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Certified Organic – Located in the Sambirano Valley, near Ambanja, in the North-West of Madagascar, Bertil Åkesson’s estate spreads over about 2000 ha and is divided into smaller plantations like Ambolikapiky.

Since 1920, these farms produce world-famous aromatic cocoa and today most of the top chefs and chocolate makers around the world use cocoa from this estate. Besides 300 tons of trinitario cocoa produced every year, a very limited quantity of criollo beans – 2 tons per year – is harvested separately to make this chocolate. It has a very expressive cocoa aroma with subtle fruity-sweet tartness and pleasant flavour notes that evoke citrus and red berries.


  • 2016, Academy of Chocolate: GOLD
  • 2015, Great Taste: GOLD 3 stars – selected in the top 50 Best Foods
  • 2015, Academy of Chocolate: GOLD
  • 2014, Great Taste: GOLD 1 star
  • 2014, International Chocolate Awards, Best Bar over 85%: GOLD

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